3800 NFTs have been made. Each visual component of the collection will have different levels of rarity. The NFTs were randomly generated based on each individual element. After it was randomly generated, we went back into the images and correct things such as hair overlapping, or clothing that doesn't quite line up after the process of randomizing layers. Having to rework generated images forces us to have to work harder, but on your end, allows for a more dynamic nature of NFT artwork for collectibles that we have yet to see. The collection includes utility. Free recurring tokens, redeemable clothing shipped to you, exclusive access to content, voting, products, and more (read below).

Mobile users are recommended to use MetaMask in app browser when attempting to connect your wallet.

The Story

Set at the turn of an era, these characters are a mix of bounty hunters, nobility, royalty, and mercenaries that are attempting to preserve the state of peace that this world currently enjoys. With tensions high across many nations, the peace that has been sustained for so many years is in jeopardy. Feudal Lords, Royal families, bounty hunters, and others in positions of power all vie for the same goal, a better world. 


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We mint at 0.18 ETH with a supply of 3800, live 14 June at 8:10PM EST. Minters will be entitled to a signed personalized thank you letter sealed with a wax seal. After the creation of our ERC-20 token (post-minting stage) on the Ethereum Blockchain, holders will be entitled to recurring income. The tokens will be given out on the 8th of every month  These tokens will also be available for purchase by NFT owners and those without our NFTs. Clothing, accessories and other exclusive products can be redeemed with these same tokens, or NFT holders can opt to simply keep their tokens. We are also planning to release a graphic novel that will ideally develop into a show over the next 5 years. Upon release of the book, holders can redeem copies signed (optional) by both the author and the illustrator(s). Holders will also be permitted to vote on some brand visuals, direction, and partnerships, as well as for the graphic novel.

For those of you less interested in growing your investment along with the brand, we will also throw 2 cash giveaways as thank you's for investing in elevating the brand. The cash giveaways will be: one month after every NFT has been minted, and the 3rd of August for $18,000 each.

Lastly, after every other step of the roadmap is completed, we will be launching our luxury brand with exclusive early access & free redeemable pieces for our NFT holders.

Join us in Tiers. 
NFTs that grow with our brand.

The Characters

Carena Safada

Under the tutelage of the most powerful feudal lord of her nation.
A mysterious mercenary of questionable morality.

Satoshi Mikoto

The Noble of the North.
Famed for his unusual proficiency with rapiers in a land of katanas.

Yevgeny Malakhov

The Emperor of the Western nations and city-states. Dubbed the peaceful conqueror by his people.


A bounty hunter with the ability to humble a nation.
Destined for great bounds.

Yara Malakhova

The Empress of the West.
One of the most ruthless characters that inhabit this world.

The Lord

A wise Feudal Lord in the North.
He lives with a secret that may change the course of history.

The Why

You may wonder why an NFT investment could ever be considered to be a good investment. We'll tell you why.

With Ethereum 2.0 set to release in June, a lot of people have halted their trading to cash-in after gas fees are virtually eradicated. Here is the thing however, it would actually be better to purchase ahead of time. The best time to purchase an asset such as stocks, crypto, and so on is to purchase during "the dip". "The dip" is what happens in a market where the value of something is lower, temporarily. 

Now at this point, I would like to point out that Ethereum is a unique cryptocurrency, in that it is the leader of the NFT space, and it's only drawbacks, high gas/transaction fees and the effect of mining on the environment, is currently lower at the time of writing this, while the market, along with the stock market (due to the impact of the pandemic, war sanctions, Russian oligarchs and crypto whales, global economic instability, and countless other factors) are down currently. The surge that comes after Ethereum 2.0 is released will be due to them switching to staking, which will remove relatively all gas fees and significantly reduce environmental impact. Whether or not you buy NFTs or simply hold Ethereum, you will absolutely thank yourself later. The difference is simply that holding Ethereum is akin to a good daily savings account, but holding NFTs is more like investing in a stock, where you stand to sell at 5x the value of your asset, as a minter in any even mildly successful project. will go up in time even if its value in ETH drops, because ETH is likely to greatly surpass $5,000/1ETH by the end of 2022.

The cycle of every project goes: minting, quick sales with slight profit, major profit when an NFT comes into its own. Our NFTs differ because being tied to a brand that is set to enter luxury marketplaces, haute couture magazines, and etc. before it's a sizable competitor simply means that no matter what happens, the hold value is virtually guaranteed to rise at a yet to be seen rate. It also means that the perks of holders rise in value. In years, your investment goes from 0.18 ETH to thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of products a year that you can claim, in addition to the value of your NFT itself. Follow the brand on NFTs are a tool that are yet to have their potential realized. Join us in altering the future of the space.